February 2021

Armidale Regional Council lead proponent for BBR Rd.5 Federal Grant submitted.

January 2021

Glen Innes Shire Council lead proponent for BLER State Grant submitted.

August 2020

Re-establish relations with administrator Mr.Viv May.

July 2020

Armidale Regional Council Mayor, Deputy Mayor and CEO Resign

September 2019

Here’s our Business Case

June 2019

Here’s the NERT Biosecurity Risk Assessment and Biosecurity Implementation Plan

October 2018

The commissioned study by Mike Haliburton and Associates and TransPlan Pty Ltd has been received by Armidale Regional Council. Click Here to download it.

A well-attended council meeting held in Guyra on 24/10/2018 discussed the proposal, as described here

“A full business case will need to be undertaken, both on investment and the return on investment, both from a financial sense and an economic model sense. Before that happens, we would have to have a commitment of funding for those two items from the State Government or some other body.” – Mrs Law.

September 2018

Here’s our Trail Plan

June 2018

As of June 2018, we are waiting for the results of Armidale Regional Council’s commissioned feasibility study. After some debate, it was eventually decided that ARC would spend $50,000 on a study which would look into all possible use cases for the corridor. Glen Innes council also contributed $10,000.

May 2018

A small study was carried out by AEC to roughly assess the viability of bringing the railway line between Armidale and Tenterfield into an operational condition.  You can view the findings of that study here: AEC Study Results

Note: Contrary to the above report, the line remained in service until 1988. This study stated a closure date of mid 1970s.

This extract is from Armidale Council’s file from the 23rd of May 2018 Council Meeting located here.

December 2017

A Community Consultation was carried out in order to garner the views of Guyra and Tenterfield residents regarding the creation of a rail trail.  A detailed Community Consultation Report was generated from the results.